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Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH

Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH was registered in the Companies Register on 29th June 2010 as the successor company of Neusiedler Seebahn AG, which was founded more than 115 years ago. The Province of Burgenland as majority shareholder (50.1 %) and the Republic of Austria (49.9 %) have shareholdings in Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH.

The Neusiedler Seebahn is an electrified secondary line using the 25 kV/50 Hz electrical power system for passenger and goods traffic. The route has a full length of 48.659 km, of which 37.929 km lie in Austrian territory, and has a gauge of 1435 mm (standard gauge).


Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH | Bahnhofplatz 5, 7041 Wulkaprodersdorf