NSB - die Nationalparkbahn



The Neusiedler Seebahn can look back over a 115 year history. The route’s opening ceremony took place on 19th December 1897. The route was at that time much longer than it is today, at 110 kilometres. The southern terminus then was in Celldömölk, a small Hungarian town near Szombathely. However, the Hungarian Government stopped all traffic on the line in the Celldömölk – Fertőszentmiklós section on 26th May, 1979, as it was uneconomic to operate.

The Austrian section was spared a similar shutdown. Quite the reverse: within the framework of the modernisation programme introduced in 2003, technical measures were put in place to increase the safety of traffic and the quality of passenger transport, and to increase speed on the route. For the next few years it is planned to continue intensively with the investment, maintenance and renewal activities.

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