NSB - die Nationalparkbahn



The first railway project which was to open up the region around Lake Neusiedl dated back to the year 1873, but fell victim to the emerging economic crisis. With the general financial and economic upturn in the 1890s, railway activities soon started up again. This meant that several applications were submitted to the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Commerce in 1892 to obtain a permit for preparatory works for local railways along Lake Neusiedl. It is true that West Hungary had an east – west connection by the route of the Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurt Railway (Raaberbahn), but there was no corresponding connection northwards, to Pressburg. The applications submitted therefore focussed on the construction of a rail route connecting Ödenburg and Pressburg. However, the need to open up the communities to the east of Lake Neusiedl was also recognised.

In 1896 the Hungarian Government issued two permits: one route led west of Lake Neusiedl from Wulkaprodersdorf via Neusiedl am See and Parndorf to Pressburg. The driving force behind this project was above all the Head of the District of Komitates Vas (Eisenburg), Koloman von Radó, who was also the Chairman of the Raaberbahn. The second line was to run east of Lake Neusiedl from Kiscell (today: Celldömölk) via Eszterháza and Pamhagen to Neusiedl am See.

On 15th November 1896 the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Commerce signed the permit for the Neusiedler Seebahn local railway. The constituting General Meeting of "Fertővidéki Helyi Érdekű Vasút” (German: Neusiedler Seebahn) took place on 31st March 1897 in Budapest. The ordinary shares were held by the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Commerce as representative of the State, the committees and the communities through which the railway was to run, and also privately. The priority shares were all taken by Raaberbahn AG – it was also the building sponsor of the railway line and received the licence to operate the Neusiedler Seebahn.

The ceremonial opening of the route of the Neusiedler Seebahn was held on 19th December 1897. Incidentally, at that time, a passenger train took nearly two hours to travel from Pamhagen to Neusiedl am See – nowadays it only takes 40 minutes!

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