NSB - die Nationalparkbahn


As a counterpart for the grants awarded for the development of the infrastructure, in 2003 the Republic of Austria obtained a shareholding of 48.3 % and the Province of Burgenland a shareholding of 25.4 % in Neusiedler Seebahn AG, the predecessor company of NSB GmbH. Raaberbahn AG was until this time the 70 % owner of the NSB shares.

Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH was registered in the Companies Register as the successor company of Neusiedler Seebahn AG on 29th June, 2010. The Province of Burgenland as the majority shareholder and the Republic of Austria have shareholdings in Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH.

Corporate Governance Codex 2016

Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH | Bahnhofplatz 5, 7041 Wulkaprodersdorf