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Present day: modernisation

The route of the Neusiedler Seebahn runs from the ownership boundary between the stations of Neusiedl am See (an Austrian Federal Railways station) and Bad Neusiedl am See (a Neusiedler Seebahn station), where the route connects to the Austrian Federal Railways network, via Pamhagen to Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary, where there is a connection to the Raaberbahn network. The full length of the route is 48.659 km, of which 37.929 km fall in Austrian territory. The Neusiedler Seebahn is an electrified secondary line with a 25 kV/50 Hz electrical power system for passenger and goods traffic.

Since the beginning of the modernisation programme in 2003, the technical measures implemented on the Neusiedler Seebahn route to increase the safety and quality of passenger transport and to increase speed include the following:

  • Upgrading of the Frauenkirchen – St. Andrä am Zicksee section for a speed of 120 km/h
  • Construction of a central platform in St. Andrä am Zicksee and Mönchhof-Halbturn
  • Electrification of the entire route from Neusiedl am See via Pamhagen to FertÅ‘szentmiklós – commissioning of the electrified route on 24th April 2004
  • Upgrading of the route in the Pamhagen – Wallern section (2005) and Gols – Mönchhof-Halbturn (2008)
  • Construction of side platforms at the stations of Bad Neusiedl am See (2006), Gols (2007) and Weiden am See (2007)
  • Construction of a passenger information system (2008)

For the next few years it is planned to continue the investment, maintenance and renewal activities. The amount of the investments to be made up to 2014 is 17.6 million EUR. These projects include:

  • Complete renewal of the overhead structures between the stations of Bad Neusiedl am See and Gols
  • Complete renewal of the overhead structures between the stations of St. Andrä am Zicksee and Wallern
  • Construction of a central platform at Pamhagen station
  • Construction of safety systems for railway crossings along the entire route
  • Extension of the telecommunications and safety device systems
  • Construction of a route cable
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